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OOA Beta Prepreg

OOA Beta Prepreg est une nouvelle formulation benzoaxine autorisant des procédés avec ou sans autoclave (OOA). OOA Beta Prepreg peut être stocké à température ambiante pendant une longue période. OOA Beta Prepreg a un faible retrait durant la cuisson et une température de transition vitreuse (tg) élevé.
Vac Valves Nouveau produits

NEW Vac Saver HT

Vac Saver HT is a one way valve usable to protect vacuum bagged parts against vacuum loss which are multiple connected to a vacuum source. In case of a vacuum loss in a part which is connected to the same vacuum source, the Vac Saver HT closes automatically and protects this part against vacuum loss.

NEW Corehold P-HA

Corehold P-HA is a core holding film designed to hold honeycomb core and other core materials during machining. It is a polyester film coated on one sides with a silicon free synthetic rubber adhesive. The film is supplied with a yellow backing release paper on one side. Corehold P-HA provides a very high peel adhesion and is ideal for strong fixation and machining of core when a vacuum table is utilized.

Job opportunities

We are looking for a Junior Sales Representative (m/w) responsible for South and Central Germany, with location in Munich. If you are interested, please send your CV in English by e-mail at, in attention to Isabelle Etienne, HR Manager.

JEC World 2019

Le salon JEC World 2019 - une excellente plate-forme pour présenter les dernières innovations d’Airtech.
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