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July 2021

Airtech’s Dahltram® Resins Approved For Use On All Pellet Fed Titan Robotics Atlas Printers

Airtech Advanced Materials Group has been extruding and compounding resins for nearly 50 years and has expanded its offering with a game-changing line of unique resins for use in additive manufacturing. As Airtech continues to drive innovation, development, and testing in the additive manufacturing market, it has partnered with Titan Robotics, Ltd. to provide Dahltram® resins for use on all pellet-fed Titan Atlas printers.

3D Printing Resins Help Deliver Advanced Manufactured Composite Tooling for Competitive Motorsports Vehicles

BBi Autosport returns to Pikes Peak for the 99th running of America’s second oldest race, the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, June 27, 2021 – known as ‘The Race to the Clouds’ and regarded as one of the most famous and arduous racing events in the Rockies and the world. For this year’s 2021 effort, BBi returns to “The Mountain” with three Porsche race cars.

Airtech at JEC Connect 2021

We are delighted to be joining JEC Group for an exciting all-new digital event series for the composites community at JEC Connect. Join us at our virtual booths on June 1-2, where we will be showcasing new materials and offering video demonstration.

Discover Airtech’s New Brochures

The Airtech product range provides a one-stop-shop for vacuum bagging materials required in different processes of manufacturing composites parts and tooling, in all composite industries such as marine, wind energy, aerospace, automotive, glass lamination, etc.

Airtech Recipient of SAMPE 2020 Organizational Excellence Award

Airtech International, Inc is pleased to announce it has been recognised as a winner of the SAMPE 2020 Organizational Excellence Award. The award recognizes organizations from industry, academia, and/or government that exemplify the best of the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) and within the advanced materials and process community as a whole.

Пожертвование защитных средств

Во время этого беспрецедентного кризиса в области здравоохранения сотрудники Airtech нашли решение в предоставлении защитных средств, которые помогают медицинским работникам и медицинским службам.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Airtech Advanced Materials Group continues to work and manufacture globally to reduce any supply impacts of COVID-19. Stock levels remain high within the group and we are in a good position to continue to work in partnership with our valued customers during these difficult times.

JEC World 2020

Visit us at JEC World 2020, 3-5 March! Live technical demonstrations and presentations of our latest product developments on booth #G39. Print-Tech®, our LARGE SCALE ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING capabilities along with our newly formulated thermoplastic resins for low and high temperature 3D printing, on booth #E32.

Wrightlease 4

Wrightlease - это экструдированная Fluoropolymer лента, покрытая силиконовым, чувствительным к давлению клеем. Оранжевый цвет хорошо различим на многих поверхностях. Имеет высокую прочность на разрыв и высокое удлинение.

NEW Vac Saver HT

Vac Saver HT is a one way valve usable to protect vacuum bagged parts against vacuum loss which are multiple connected to a vacuum source. In case of a vacuum loss in a part which is connected to the same vacuum source, the Vac Saver HT closes automatically and protects this part against vacuum loss.

NEW Corehold P-HA

Corehold P-HA is a core holding film designed to hold honeycomb core and other core materials during machining. It is a polyester film coated on one sides with a silicon free synthetic rubber adhesive. The film is supplied with a yellow backing release paper on one side. Corehold P-HA provides a very high peel adhesion and is ideal for strong fixation and machining of core when a vacuum table is utilized.

Stretch Flow P 2000

Stretch Flow P 2000 - это вязанный, полиэфир, эластичный дренаж используемый в различных процессах. Высокая степень эластичности Stretch Flow P 2000 позволяет его использовать на сложных поверхностях.

НОВИНКА! Клапан Vac Valve 429 SS HTR

Vac Valve 429 SS HTR был разработан для высокотемпературных процессов, когда стандартные клапаны с силиконовыми уплотнителями выходят из строя. Vac Valve 429 SS HTR используется для прямого подключения к вакуумным шлангам вместо сложных и дорогих соединительных систем.


Combo-Tech is our expanded product line that bonds various vacuum bagging materials together to form a better overall product and reduce “touch labor”, saving companies hours of labor expense while increasing productivity.

Filmcote® 1524

Filmcote® 1524 представляет собой пленку, разработанную в качестве замены разделительных жидкостей на поверхности пресс-форм.

Beta TX 670 DISCO Prepreg

Beta TX670 DISCO - это препрег, который поставляется в листах. Специальный формат позволяет его легко и быстро укладывать. Beta TX670 DISCO Prepreg имеет 0°,+/-60° направление, каждый слой является квазиизотропным, разработка разрезов улучшает драпируемость.