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Airtech Environmental Responsibility

Our Philosophy : “Go for zero-waste-to-landfill”


Airtech commitment to reduce the carbon “footprint”

Airtech Advanced Materials Group manufactures in 6 locations throughout the world.

This is to provide local services, stocking and a reduction in our carbon “footprint”.

We are proud to offer the lowest carbon “footprint” of any company in our vacuum bagging materials industry.

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Airtech Advanced Materials Group Environmental Policy:

  • Conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner by integrating pollution prevention and resource conservation into our vision, mission, and core values.
  • Ensuring that processes are in compliance with Federal, State, and Local laws/regulations and continually improving our workplace to reduce environmental risk and committing the resources necessary to achieve environmental compliance.
  • Inclusion of employees and stakeholder in improvement of environmental performance,by informing and making them aware about the environmental impacts of their activities.
  • Supporting of environmental improvement as an integral part of our operation through teamwork, commitment, and awareness.
  • Development and testing of new technologies that will bring greater environmentally progressive innovations to our customers and our communities around the world.
  • Be prepared to respond to environmental emergency situations and prevent or decrease any adverse environmental impact.
  • Eliminate or reduce the release of contaminants into the environment and landfill through pollution prevention, material substitution, recycling, energy use controlling and through treatment and controlled technologies.
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