Wet Lay Up

Hand laminated mouldings benefit greatly from the application of vacuum bag to consolidate the laminate and draw out trapped air. Vacuum bags apply even pressure to complex shapes. Atmospheric pressure, 14.7 lbs. per square inch (2,000 lbs. per square foot) can be applied. This predictable and consistent pressure application consolidates laminates.

Airtech range of products offers vacuum bagging consumables, vacuum fittings and ancillary products for the application of vacuum bags to hand laminated mouldings, this includes:

  • Perforated Release Films
  • Breather & Bleeder Fabrics
  • Vacuum Bagging Film
  • Vacuum Sealant Tapes
  • Pressure Sensitive Tapes
  • Vacuum Hoses, Connectors & Pumps

Our range provides inexpensive materials providing substantial improvement in moulding quality.

Wet lay up
    vacuum bagged for ply consolidation and removal

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