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NEW Wrightlease 2 pressure sensitive tape

Huntington Beach, CA
- January 16, 2013 :
Wrightlease 2 extruded fluoropolymer pressure sensitive tape

Wrightlease 2 is an extruded Fluoropolymer film coated with silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. The orange color is highly visible on most substrates in addition to offering high elongation and tensile strength.

•    Provides excellent release from all common resin systems for multiple releases
•    Good adhesion to metal, composite, Tooling block and rubber tooling
•    High elongation allows for easier covering of complex contour surfaces

NEW Flashbreaker® 2CBS pressure sensitive tape

Huntington Beach, CA
- January 16, 2013 :
Flashbreaker® 2CBS tapes are all-purpose double sided pressure sensitive tape

Flashbreaker® 2CBS tapes are high temperature/ high tensile polyester films coated on both sides with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive. Suitable for autoclave and oven applications up to 400 °F (204 °C). Flashbreaker® 2CBS has been developed for securing secondary tooling, peel plies, release film, breather fabric and vacuum bagging films during high temperature and general workshop applications.


NEW Teflease MG2 Orange pressure sensitive tape

Huntington Beach, CA
- January 16, 2013 :
Teflease MG2 Orange high temperature PTFE pressure sensitive tape

Teflease MG2 Orange is a high tensile strength PTFE pressure sensitive tape with high temperature silicone adhesive. The high tensile strength provides increased wear properties when compared to standard PTFE tapes. Teflease MG2 Orange provides high visibility on most substrates.

40th Anniversary and New Website

Huntington Beach, CA
- November 5, 2012 :
Airtech Advanced Materials Group Celebrates 40 Years of Worldwide Excellence and Launches New Website for 2013.

2013 marks Airtech Advanced Materials Group 40th anniversary.  It will be celebrated all year long at all worldwide locations. To commemorate the organization’s 40th anniversary, Airtech has created a custom logo that will be featured throughout 2013.

The anniversary logo prominently features the number 40 to commemorate the 40 years of being in business. The logo’s base colors are blue, grey and white. The background globe represents Airtech’s globe logo and worldwide presence.

Tygavac announces major expansion for early 2013

Rochdale, England
- September 4, 2012 :
Tygavac announces major expansion for early 2013
TYGAVAC ADVANCED MATERIALS LTD. announced today that in early 2013 they will be relocating to the Oldham Broadway Business Park, close to their current facility in Rochdale.

Airtech receives 2011 Performance Excellence Award

Huntington Beach, CA
- May 31, 2012 :
Airtech receives the 2011 Boeing Performance Excellence Award-Silver Award
The Boeing Company has recently awarded Airtech International, Inc. the "2011 Boeing Performance Excellence Award-Silver Level" for attaining superior supplier performance.

NEW standard in Aerospace Quality

Huntington Beach, CA
- May 15, 2012 :
Airtech lnternational, lnc. announces the successful completion of its transition to the new standard in Aerospace Quality - lSO 9001 :2008 / AS9100 Rev C.

Airtech International, Inc. is proud to announce the successful completion of its transition to the newest standard in Aerospace Quality ISO 9001:2008 / AS9100 Rev C. By adhering to the standards set forth in the ISO 9001:2008 / AS9100 Rev C system, Airtech’s customers can purchase product with confidence that Airtech's quality system will help ensure the highest quality product at a competitive price.

Dahlar® RB 500

Huntington Beach, CA - July 1, 2012
- June 7, 2011 :
Airtech Advanced Materials Group Introduces the NEW Dahlar® Release Bag 500 Self Releasing Tubular Bagging Film.
Dahlar® Release Bag 500 is a self releasing multi-layer bagging film for direct contact with pre-preg for fabrication of hollow parts.