NEW Vac-Gauge 40D

Vac-Gauge 40D is a digital vacuum gauge.
Huntington Beach, CA
- March 4, 2015 :

The New Vac-Gauge 40D is a versatile digital vacuum gauge used for leak detection and vacuum determinations under your vacuum bag. The gauge offers vacuum readings in four selectable units: mBar, mmHg, inHg, and KPa. A heavy duty ridged plastic jacket protects the gauge from damage in normal shop use. The Vac-Gauge 40D connection stem is a 1/4-18" NPT thread fitting that fits easily into our Airlock 450TF & 550TF and AQD quick disconnects.


  • Digital device allows for quick and easy viewing. 
  • Includes time selectable auto-off function.
  • Offers four unit LCD display.  
  • Gauge can be calibrated.