Thank you for your visit at JEC World 2016!

The JEC World 2016 - an excellent stage for Airtech to showcase its latest innovations!
Differdange, Luxembourg
- April 4, 2016 :

The Airtech team wants to thank its visitors for making the JEC World 2016 the most successful participation ever!


During the show, Airtech highlighted the wide vacuum bagging films range like Airdraw 2 up to 3,98 m or Big Blue L-100 up to 16 m. Super wide films save time spent seaming film when bagging large parts and reduce risk of scrap parts due to leaky film seams.

For high-temperature processes Airtech introduced new autoclave/oven connections and hoses like BBH 1080, up to 482°C or Airflow 100 Armor Sleeve, up to 260°C.


The Airtech attendees were highly attracted by the eye-catching live vacuum bagging demonstrations, showing the manufacture of a carbon fiber mould, using Toolfusion® 1 at room temperature.


Looking forward to meeting you soon and next year at the JEC World show!

The Airtech Advanced Materials Group Team