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NEW Vac Saver HT

Huntington Beach, CA
- April 11, 2019 :
On way valve

Vac Saver HT is a one way valve usable to protect vacuum bagged parts against vacuum loss which are multiple connected to a vacuum source. In case of a vacuum loss in a part which is connected to the same vacuum source, the Vac Saver HT closes automatically and protects this part against vacuum loss. Vac Saver HT can be used in combination with our quick disconnectors like AQD500TF, Airlock 450TF or 550TF and our Airflow vacuum hoses.


New Corehold P-HA

- April 8, 2019 :
Holds metallic and non-metallic core during machining
Corehold P-HA is a core holding film designed to hold honeycomb core and other core materials during machining. It is a polyester film coated on one side with a silicone free synthetic rubber adhesive. The film is supplied with a yellow backing release paper on one side.

JEC World 2019

Differdange, Luxembourg
- April 3, 2019 :
The Leading International Composites Show
JEC World 2019 - an excellent stage for Airtech to showcase its latest innovations!

NEW Stretch Flow P 2000

- February 20, 2019 :
Breather for special applications

Stretch Flow P 2000 is a knitted, polyester, stretchable breather used in a variety of applications.  The high-stretch characteristics of Stretch Flow P 2000 enable it to conform to many complex contour surfaces.


  • Stretchable breather fit for a wide variety of complex shapes.
  • Stretch properties eliminate wrinkles and possible quality issues.
  • Variety of size applications accommodated by stretchable, knitted construction.
  • Heat-seamable for customized, stretchable configurations.

NEW Vac Valve 429 SS HTR

- February 20, 2019 :
Stainless steel vacuum valve with graphite seal, usable up to 900°F (482°C)

Vac Valve 429 SS HTR was designed for high temperature cures where standard valves with silicone rubber seals fail. Vac Valve 429 SS HTR is to be used for direct connection to vacuum hoses instead of complex and expensive coupling systems. Vac Valve 429 SS HTR is usable up to 900°F (482°C) in combination with new high performance graphite seals. This valve can be directly screwed to our Airflow 800 or BBH1080 hoses which provide a safe connection for high temperature processes, such as thermoplastics.

NEW LTC3 Carbon Prepregs

- October 12, 2018 :
Epoxy/carbon low temperature cure tooling prepregs
LTC3 prepregs offer a low temperature cure and high temperature use after post cure. LTC prepregs allow the use of lower cost master model materials.

NEW Fast Tack HT

- September 10, 2018 :
High tack sealant tape for 800°F (427°C) applications
New generation sealant tape for high temperature applications. Fast Tack HT builds tack quickly when applied to Thermalimide.

NEW Airweave® UHT 300PGL & 450PGL

- September 8, 2018 :
Premium non-woven blended, fibreglass breathers
Airweave® UHT 300PGL and Airweave® UHT 450PGL are premium non-woven blended, fibreglass breather for ultra high temperature applications.