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Filmcote® 1524

Huntington Beach, CA
- October 25, 2017 :
Filmcote® 1524
Filmcote® 1524 is an engineered film developed as a replacement for release liquids on the surface of mold tools. Filmcote® 1524 remains on the part surface after demold providing protection from damage or contamination during subsequent process.

Airpath MD

- October 3, 2017 :
Expandable monofilament sleeving
Airpath MD is a tough lightweight braided sleeve. The open weave construction provides excellent airflow when used as an edge breather.

Beta TX 670 DISCO Prepreg

- August 22, 2017 :
High stability room temperature storage tooling system.
Beta TX670 DISCO is a prepreg sold in sheet format. This special format allows for simpler and faster layups. Beta TX670 DISCO Prepreg has a 0°,+/-60° orientation, is quasi-isotropic within each ply, and comes with an engineered cut pattern that improves drapability.

Thank you for your visit at JEC World 2017!

- April 3, 2017 :
Thank you for your visit at JEC World 2017!
Airtech is happy to announce the successful participation at JEC World Show 2017 in Paris, showing an extensive expertise and many years of know-how gained in the composite business.

Stretch Flow 2000

- December 12, 2016 :
Stretch Flow 2000
Stretch Flow 2000 is a knitted, nylon, stretchable breather used in a variety of applications.

Composites Europe Show

- December 1, 2016 :
Airtech has successfully participated at Composites Europe 2016.
Airtech would like to thank all who visited the stand and we look forward to seeing you next year!

NEW EconoTape 1 and 2

- October 14, 2016 :
EconoTape 1 and 2
EconoTape 1 and 2 are inexpensive, multipurpose pressure sensitive tapes with silicone adhesive. These tapes can be used for holding down vacuum bagging materials, thermocouples, and other lay-up items.

SAMPE Europe Conference & Exhibition

- September 28, 2016 :
Airtech has successfully participated at SAMPE Europe Conference & Exhibition.
Airtech has successfully participated at SAMPE Europe Conference & Exhibition, as partner and exhibitor.